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Train Painting

Santa Fe at Sunset

Working closely with Mr. Sullivan's Son, the artist created this scene to commemorate Mr. Sullivan's railroad career. He usually made "night runs" and this depicts his train departing the crew change point of Waynoka, Oklahoma, heading into a summer sunset.

Train Artist Steve R. Krueger

Train Painting Welcome to my Train Art web site

My goal is to reach out to Railroad Museums, Industry, Publishers and private individuals who have an interest in railroads, both past and present. If you have a specific need, such as a book illustration or the creation of art work pertaining to any railroad, I will be happy to do research and develop a custom piece of train art per your specifications. Of special interest is my "memorial" artwork. People who want to remember a friend or relative who worked for a railroad can commission artwork designed specifically for that individual. The original, along with as many archival "giclee" prints as desired, can be passed down from generation to generation

Also, please check out my gallery of train art for sale.

I have maps of all North American railroads dating back to the turn of the century and access to a good rail research library. So, feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions

Email: spike317@aol.com
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